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After over two years of R&D, the new Lion—Ezzy’s 2-cam freerider—is finally ready. The Ezzy Lion is a twin-cam, power-freeride sail. Unlike many wide-sleeved cambered sails on the market, the Lion’s sleeve is just narrow enough to make waterstarting and uphauling easy.

On the new Lion, the vinyl window is replaced with a dyneema-reinforced window that increases stability in high winds, dramatically improving the transfer of wind energy into board speed.

The Lion comes with 2 cams, but you can remove either the top or bottom cam to create a single-cam freeride experience. And you can even use the Lion without the cams—the flatter shape of the Lion without cams works great for learning to foil.

In our factory, we rig and inspect every single Lion and then calibrate the downhaul gauge, so you can find the perfect downhaul every time you rig.

Designed for easy speed and built to last, the new Lion continues the long lineage of Ezzy freeride sails.

. $799


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