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2021 Ezzy Cheetah 7.0
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The 2021 Cheetah is the lightest Cheetah yet. Featuring a new Dynema reinforced x-ply window that benefits the wind range, top speed potential and reduces weight by an average of 1/2 lb per sail size. The X-ply window also benefits more rapid acceleration as the wind hits the sail. The baked in draft of Cheetah design is accomplished through a combination of broadseaming the panels – and unique Endo Batten shaping that locks in the draft. This combination – gives the Cheetah a almost camber induced shape without any wind filling the sail. The results make this an easy to use, stable and powerful freeride sail design that’s user friendly to rig, jibe, waterstart and control through a giant wind range.

The Cheetah is one of Ezzy Sails best-selling sails because of the wide wind range and uniquely stable design. David Ezzy’s philosophy of incremental improvements year after year means that this new Cheetah will feel familiar and be compatible with your current quiver, while boosting performance. The calibrated rigging system helps take the guess work out of rigging and tuning the sails. With the Cheetah, just downhaul until the gauge lines up with the bottom of your mast. That’s it. No guessing. Every Cheetah is calibrated in the factory so that you can use the calibrated rigging gauge to know exactly how to tune the downhaul. Markers on the clew further ensure accurate and precise rigging.

As with all Ezzy Sails, quality and durability are baked into the design, ensuring that you will log many years of fun and reliable sailing on your Cheetah.


  • Freeride no-cam sail.
  • Deep draft forward design.
  • Sail Cloth = Spectra X-ply, Technora, Rip Stop Scrim-x, and Weft-Stop anti-rip sleeve.
  • New Dyneema reinforced window.
  • Weft-Stop anti-rip Mast sleeve cloth – improves performance.
  • Spectra X-ply= No Monofilm.
  • Tri-Lite Scrim (color) panels.
  • No Monofilm = longer life expectancy and less brittle due to sun exposure.
  • Endo Batten Shaping = overlapping sail panels, strong batten pockets to Lock the draft forward.
  • 6-7 RBS Epoxy battens – custom made – incredibly durable!
  • Calibrated downhaul – pre-tuned at factory, precise downhaul tuning with Ezzy masts.
  • 3 Pulley Stainless tack fitting.
  • Heavy Duty mast pad with mesh pocket and batten tensioning tool.
  • Top haul system with short and long straps included.
  • Heavy duty sail bag with vented end.
  • Built to last.

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