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2015 Ezzy Legacy

2015 Ezzy Legacy

Ezzy Legacy

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Ezzy Legacy

The Ezzy Legacy is the best value in a windsurfing sail around.  Ezzy designed the Legacy with the goal of making a pure and simple sail while retaining the performance and durabilty that is known from the Ezzy brand.  By removing some of the extra features that are standard on the other Ezzy models, The Legacy is sure to fit any sailors budget.  

 $594 Free Shipping

In an effort to improve the collection, David gave the new Legacy a more controllable feel across a wider wind spectrum. The new Legacy is also stronger. High density Spectra X Film is now used on the tack panel as well as the use of a combination of RBS epoxy battens and traditional battens.

The mantra of the Legacy is the same as its inception. The Legacy Series is designed to offer a more economically priced option for sailors that demand the reputable Ezzy quality. The Legacy Sails deliver sublime performance and durability but we trim the costs by eliminating some of the extra bells and whistles.

The smaller Legacy’s are designed for wave and bump & jump. The larger sizes are built for freeride blasting.

At the heart of it, the Legacy is ready to go to battle for anyone…from the PWA circuit (Graham Ezzy's sail of choice for light wind competition) to recreational enthusiasts.


"The Legacy has everything you need and nothing you don't need. The Legacy reminds me of the days when I was getting full-on custom sails built for competition, they had none of the marketing b.s. that people think they need but don't really. This sail is a classic Ezzy design, pure and simple. "

Kevin Pritchard - Ezzy Team Rider

The Smaller sizes of the Legacy are based on a wave/ bump and jump design while the larger sizes are based on a freeride design.The Legacy design uses a removable D-ring that can be replaced with a premier Ezzy pulley. Optional mast pad, batten tensionerkey and head extender can be purchased seperately.

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