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Fox Watersports

Surfboards and Accessories

Fox has been making surfboards since 1968.  From silk glass jobs or the resin tints in the 70's to the custom carbon composites in the 80's and 90's, we have seen every surfboard design and construction imaginable and watched them come full circle  sometimes two and three times over.  Over the years Fox's expert staff has always tried to be on the cutting edge with the evolution of surfboards, riding and building everything possible to refine our knowledge to better inform our customers about their surfboard choices.  Working closely with a variety of shapers and brands including Matt Biolos of ...Lost Surfboards, we have developed a better product knowledge than just about any other surfshop.  This knowledge allows us to help you decide not only which is the best model for you but what dimesions will work best in your local conditions.  If you don't see the surfboard you are looking for give us a call or email and we can definitely help you find that "magic" board.   

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