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The All new Ezzy Zeta offers the light weight responsiveness of a 4 batten sail and the power and stability of a 5 batten sail. 


If you have wndsurfed for as long as we have, you remember David Ezzy's North Zeta from the late 80's early 90s. With a shorter luff and larger head, anfive battens rather than four, the original Zeta shocked the sail world and became a forerunner of the modern 5-batten wave sail.  Fast forward 25 years of intensive R&D- a NEW Ezzy Zeta is born.

   David Ezzy set out to solve the 5-batten puzzle: how to make a 5 batten wave sail feel "alive" and not "stiff". Instead of tweaking the existing 5 batten sail, the Tiger, David worded on turning the 3-batten Taka into a 5-batten sail.

   The new Ezzy Zeta keeps the lightness and easy feel of the Taka-3 but adds the 5-batten stability and responsiveness.  The scrim luff panel keeps the Zeta's power easy to control.  The new Zeta is equally at home on a wave or blasting around in the Pamlico Sound.  

  The Ezzy Zeta features Ezzy's calibrated rigging system which means you can rig your sail exactly the same way David does.  Just downhaul until the line on the guage lines up with the bottom of your mast and you are ready to sail.  

  With the rebirth of the all NEW Ezzy Zeta, the future of five batten wave sails is here.

2017 Ezzy Zeta the all new bump and jump wave/high wind sail from Ezzy.  The Ezzy Zeta is the best new 5 batten wave/high wind sail on the market.  The stability of a 5 batten with the feel of a 4 batten sail the Zeta offers the ultimate in performance and the legendary durability you are used to from Ezzy.

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