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Lost V3 Rocket C3

The Lost V3 Rocket in the C3 (Carbon Cork Composite) Technology changes the game when it comes to average surf conditions.  The combination of the EPS core, Carbon, and vaccum bagging lamination gives this board a lively light weight feel while the Cork absorbs the vibrations that the usual EPS light weight boards are known for.  The Lost V3 Rocket C3 provides a soft smooth ride while still being super responsive in in your average surf conditions.  The bigger the volume on the C3 boards the more weight you save so the better they work especially in small surf.  


                               Stock Dimensions

Length Width Thickness Cubic Liter
5'6 19.25 2.25 26.81
5'8 19.50 2.32 29.06
5'10 20.00 2.50 32.97
6'0 20.25 2.56 35.24
6'2 20.50 2.63 37.86


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