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The Simmer Helix is a fast high performance board that offers a fun and lively ride in a huge spectrum of conditions. Anywhere there is wind and water you can use this board and maximize your fun. With its new rocker inspired from our test winning Freemove board, it combines impressive speed with smoothness and control. The Helix is an easy board to sail, which makes it the perfect choice to get into wave sailing with. It can also be tuned to perform in more radical conditions. The Helix is delivered with a freewave single fin but it designed to work also with a variety of tri fin setups. With a single fin, the board is a fast and effective  performer, that will give many freeride boards a run for their money. With the dedicated tri fin kit the boards wave performance is enhanced and amazing upwind planing performance is combined with faster rail to rail reactions,  smoother turns and tighter carving.  Available in 85L, 95L, and 105L


HELIX from Simmer Style on Vimeo.


Size Length Width Fins Finbox Sail Size
85 230 61 26 2x Slot Box +1 US Box 4.0 -5.6
95 234 63 28 2x Slot Box +1 US Box 4.2 - 6.2
105 234 65 30 2x Slot Box +1 US Box 4.7 - 6.7

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