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Saturday, November 18 2017
2018 Simmer 3XS Review

We received a demo version of the new 2018 Simmer 3XS 106L just in time for a little session yesterday.  First off let me tell you this is the fastest easiest sailing board I have ever had the privledge of riding.  The conditions weren't the greatest yesterday with a dieing Northerly wind but this thing made it feel like the best day of the year.  From the very first moment stepping on it it immediately took off and always felt like I had an extra gear waiting on me if I ever wanted to use it.  The biggest surprise to me though was how overall easy it was to sail.  Most slalom boards this fast are tricking to sail and take a minute to dial in.  This was never the case from the very first run it felt like I'd been sailing this thing for years.   The footstrap position is really far back and way out on the rail which makes it just a little tricking getting in and out of but once you're in them the rail curve fits perfectly into the shape of your foot giving you total control of the board.  Usually when you are that far out on the rail you feel like you are on the edge of disaster at any moment but never once did I feel uncomfortable.  It was smooth and from the very first jibe was easy to turn almost effortlessly.  I can't say enough about this board.  After sailing yesterday I wanted to look a little closer at the shape to see what exactly was going on with it and why it was so fast and easy to sail.  Looking at the bottom  I immediately saw the amount vee under the mast box.  For a board this fast I was really surprised to see so much vee but this part of the board really is only on the water in transitions so it doesn't slow the planning or top end speed down at all.  It does make it very easy to get the board over on a rail going into a jibe.  99% of the slalom boards I have ever ridden you had to commit 150% to enter any kind of turn.  You almost have to plan out your jibe 2 or 3 steps ahead to make sure you could get most slalom boards to turn.  This is most definitely not the case with the 2018 Simmer 3XS.  The vee forward immeditely gets the board over on the leeward rail as soon as you take your back foot out of the strap and move your weight forward.   The rocker line doesn't suggest that the board will be easy to turn but the outline curve makes up for the flat rocker in the last foot of the board.  There is basically little if any tail rocker which is probably why it has such a great top end speed.  Usually with this little rocker a board you would need an act of god to be able to turn it.  The outline curve and the 3XS step rail almost acts like rail rocker so when you intiate your turn the board goes over on the steps riding the curve of the outline allowing it to turn on a dime.  I am not a fan of gimmicks and when I first saw the severe steps in the rail I felt like this could be a marketing gimmick trying to sell "FAST" but after riding this board I'm a firm believer.  Once again I have to say this is by far the fastest EASIEST board to sail I have ever ridden.  If you are looking for fast board don't even hesitate to get one of these it will blow your mind just how easy it to sail while at the same time always giving you that extra gear to chase down your buddies.  I usually get preety bored sailing in the sound and always are waiting on the next ocean session but after yesterday I find I'm wanting another day in the sound on this board.  We have this one here available for demo so if you aren't looking for a new board definitely don't try this because I'm 110% certain anyone who likes to go fast and sails this thing will defintely HAVE to have one.

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