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Friday, October 30 2015
New 2016 Ezzy Cheetah Review

 We got our hands on a new 2016 Ezzy Cheetah 6.5 the other day, and today we had a nice relatively warm northeast breeze around 18-22 MPH which made it a perfect day to give it a try.  Most of us here at Fox usually don't sail a lot of 6.5 conditions(we are wind snobs if you didn't already know) so we decided to rig a 2015 Cheetah 6.5 to swap back and forth with the 2016 to get a good feel for the differences in the two.  Right away I noticed how much lighter it felt compared to the 2015.  The 1 less batten really makes a difference in the weight of the sail which also allows for a much freer handling sail.  It had a feel closer to a tiger where as the 2015 Cheetah felt more like a camber sail very solid but heavier.  Although the lighter feel the 2016 Cheeath had great low end power and popped up on a plane just as quick as the 2015.  I'm still trying to figure out how they flattened the profile in the upper portion of the sail and still maintained the great low end power that the Cheetah has always been known for.  It felt like the 2016 has a better top end speed than the 2015 as well.  The flatter profile is more efficient thus faster top end.   I was slightly underpowered as I'm 225 riding a 115L Kinetic Gladiator but the 2016 instantly transfered the gusts into power and popped up on a plane almost effortlessly.  Donny Bowers and Billy D took it out for a few runs as well and said the same thing that it was "extremely easy to sail and powered up effortlessly".  Usually in flat water The 3 of us sail full on race sails with 5+ cams so the handling and light weight was definitely going to stand out for us but the top end speed and early planning was a surprise for a no cam sail.  I have a feeling this is going to be a must have sail in 2016.  If you have an older cheetah I suggest not trying one because you WILL be upgrading immediately.  I usually am pretty leary of manufacturers "marketing" claims about new products but after sailing the 2016 Ezzy Cheetah today I can honestly say Ezzy nailed this one.  Lighter livelier and faster is pretty huge claim for a new sail but I believe the sails lives up to it.  We have few instock and we can ship for free anywhere in the continental USA so if you are thinking about a new no cam freeride sail the 2016 Ezzy Cheetah is a must.

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